transportation distopia

Holy mother of Pearl! From the intellectually nerdy Total Echo blog, This is… I don’t even have words, amazing, dreamlike road warriors of the Future Past. If someone isn’t already writing a novel about this, I don’t know what more I can do…

total echo


Steven C. Harvey has many visually tantalizing nuggets on his website, but few are as futuristically frightening as the Vehicles series.  It’s a very Moebius-esque vision of a highway existence that seems governed by humongous vehicular mayhem.  Sorta like Ron Herron’sWalking Cities but without the utopia togetherness.  The soft touch drawing style combined with an insane amount of minute details make these drawings something to spend a little time with……



I first came upon Harvey’s artwork in the newest volume of Phaidon’s Vitamin D series, which is mandatory viewing if you like illustrations.


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